Halloween 2014

As I took my children to The States years ago, they got to experience a proper Halloween in Seattle.  Both my kids have a real fondness for the Halloween night.  As most people here in Australia know, its not a Big thing here.  The kids are disappointed most years as the neighbours we have had in the past haven’t embraced the occasion.  The funniest Trick or Treating the kids experienced was a few years ago and the walked up to a home that had a sign on the door saying “WE DO NOT SUPPORT YOUR PAGAN ACTIVITIES!” Hahaha soo funny.

My son Cooper decided he wanted to go as a scary clown, as you can see from the photo, he towers about his friends and was definitely scary, I was so impressed that he even made me buy him some Helium Balloons to finish his costume off.  He did well to keep the costume on for the few hours they went door to door as it was a hot night, about 30 degrees Celcius. I drove to them once during Trick or Treating to deliver them some water bottles, I am definitely on the short list for the Australian Mother of the Year award this year.. lol

The boys actually had a successful haul from Trick or treating tonight and impressed everyone with their costumes. They were also all very happy to stay in Character when I drove to pick them up a few streets away.13329065_1722749488002316_321890676_n.jpg

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