Getting Very Sick

After feeling extremely unwell for the past two weeks my Doctor called me this morning and told me he wanted me to go to the Epworth Hospital in Richmond and get further tests done as it appeared in the CAT scan I had done on Friday that I have cysts on my bowel.  So I guess I am not having a Gluten attack as I previously thought.

I questioned him about whether I had to go today and he said yes, so after organising Cooper to stay with a friend over night and getting my bags packed in anticipation for a nights stay in hospital, my gorgeous friend Peta dropped me into the hospital at about 3.00pm.

I took my results and referral in with me and after a few hours in the Emergency department the Surgeon Mr Robert Millar came and saw me and agreed after seeing my scans that he would squeeze me in tonight for a Laproscopy, which is a procedure where they insert a camera into my abdomen to see what is going on with me.

I was grateful to be given some Morphine for the pain in my abdomen too, the pain was really starting to get unbearable.

I will keep you posted as to what they find šŸ™‚


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