Penguin Parade

You can’t go to Phillip Island and not see the nightly Penguin Parade.  Not having been in 20 years, I was not aware of the pre-purchase your tickets protocol.  We started the drive out to the “Nobbies” a few nights ago only to arrive at the gates and promptly be told that it was sold out and that we should come back tomorrow.  That night was windy and a little drizzly, so we chose tonight instead.

So driving up tonight we took our time as we had purchased our tickets in town at the information Centre and were all organised.  We made our way up the winding road to the Phillip Island Nature Park.  The kids were all very excited to discover that they could get free WIFI from the Tourist bus we were following as the Cabin in the Holiday Park we were staying at didn’t have any.

The kids source of Free Wifi, so they kept telling us to drive slow.

Being the Crafty women we are, we decided that Sitting on the beach at night watching the Penguins roll onto the shore would be greatly improved with some alcohol.. lol  so we bought the ingredients during the day for my famous Mulled Wine.  The Cabin certainly had a Spicey alcoholic odour spewing out the door when the kids came in for lunch lol.


We disguised our “Adult” drink in a Thermos, so it would look like Tea.. Haha, if only the Rangers knew.

Mulled wine disguised in our Thermos!

The kids took great pleasure in loudly commenting about how strong our tea smelt when we poured a mug sitting on the cool sand of the Beach.. I wasn’t perturbed and gratefully sipped on my wine, I had been in a lot of pain today and the Pain killers weren’t really working, since I wasn’t driving, I figured a mug of wine, would act medicinally for me too!

When you go to the Penguin Parade you sit and wait what seems hours for the sun to go down and for the Penguins to decide it is time to come ashore and feed their little babies.  It can be pretty cold, so you really have to rug up.  Its so worth it though when you see the cute little penguins Somersault onto the shore and make there way up their nests to feed the little ones.


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