Electric Bikes

Today we decided to hire some Electric Bikes.  I was a little worried about this as I have very little energy due to still recovering from my surgery and I am still on strong pain killers. I was assured that as they are electric, that I wouldn’t need to do too much peddling. The kids enjoyed picking out their bikes and Emily was quite chuffed that she got the childs trailer and didn’t need to peddle at all.

We rode from the Bike hire place in Thompson Ave, Cowes to a Seafood Restaurant in Rhyll.


We rode from in the town through the National Park. On gravel trails and a board walk sorta thing. We even saw a snake which is extremely surprising considering how cold its been and they prefer to sun themselves in warmer weather.  Petra and I both screamed and freaked the kids out.

The kids were worried about leaving the bikes unattended out the front of the restaurant while we were inside eating our Hot Fish and Chips.


On our way back we definitely got some speed up going down the hills. The kids loved it.  On our way back, I must have been getting tired as I was on the footpath and for some reason the bike wheels slide off the path and i flung off my bike into a bush, Thankfully I wasn’t hurt and I can tell you I definitely fell weird as I was very conscious of not hurting my belly or causing damage to my bag.


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