Buchan Caves

I wanted to re-live a trip to the ‘Buchan Caves’ that I did when i was a young girl.  So young that I don’t really remember what the caves look like anymore.  However I remember feeling like it was a magical places with fairies there.

There are special times for the tours so once we had lined up for what seemed like an eternity, Yes, Cooper and I are both very impatient, we were allocated the 1.45pm Session.


We got our Camera ready and went on the tour of the Fairy Caves, one of the two that are there, Now I know why I always remembered there being “Fairies” there…lol   Our tour guide was lovely and very informative.wp-1475607371712.jpg

Here are some pics from inside the cave.

Cooper and I are both tall and some parts of the Cave were pretty low, we had to duck under some parts and walk hunched over and there were also parts of the cave protected by mesh as you can see in the picture of Cooper above.  If you have never been in a cave, there is an interesting smell.  It is sort of a damp, minerally type of smell.  Which I really don’t mind.  That mineral smell was ruined quite a few times during our tour.  We had a family with us and a few times I got a foul stench of body odour up my nose frpm one of the other people on the Tour.  It really took me a lot to bite my tongue and not inform him that it was offensive, this was because Cooper smelt it and made me promise not to say anything to the guy as it would embarrass him.. lol (at least my child has better manners than me lol)

Cooper and me in the Fairy Cave

When we had finished our Tour of the caves, we got back to our car and drove into Buchan, the tiny town and found a kitsch cafe called the Callemondah Cafe, that was full to the brim of antiques bits and pieces and paraphernalia from the old times of that area.  I love looking at old black and white photos from the olden days, and there were plenty of those there too!  We ordered a nice cake (The gluten free one I ordered was DIVINE!) to have with a Coffee for me and Hot Chocolate for Coop before we made our way back to the Motel for the night.


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