Crocheting a Red Hat for Coop

I’ve been crocheting over my past few night shifts.  I am teaching myself as I only learnt the basics a few years ago. I spent 4 hours the first night only to realise tonight that I had been using the wrong stitch, not the bl dc (back loop double crochet) the pattern required, pretty sure i use using a half double  crochet.. BUGGER!. So I started it again to see what it would look like with the right stitch.. Wow a big difference.

I tried on the first attempt to see how it felt.. you can see by how tired I am that I am extremely tired only having 4 hours sleep last night and this 12 hour shift, nearly done! It was at this point in the picture I was perplexed as to why it wasn’t a slouchy beanie and after reading over the pattern about 10 times and looking at the instructions, I realised that I had been using a single Crochet Stitch rather than a Double Crochet Stitch.

Check out the Blood Shot eyes!

I pulled my first attempt at the beanie apart and then remade with the correct Stitches. It took two nights all up to make the beanie and I am very happy with the results now.

Sits on my head as it looks in the Picture on the pattern I used.  Patten was purchased from Etsy.


(And just so you know, Cooper was very happy with it and has worn it heaps)


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