Shopping in Bali

This is a draft back from July 2nd 2016 that I didn’t get finished.  Just publishing this now.

One of the awesome things about Bali is the Awesome shopping, when I first visited I struggled to Barter, I just didn’t feel comfortable with it.  I let my partner Chris do it for me as he was heaps more confident.

Today we shopped for lots of things and walked everywhere.  Geez I had blisters from the humidity and heat by the end of it.  I was mostly window shopping as I was really trying to keep this trip to budget.

Chris had to buy watches for his mates and we looked at hundreds. There is this cool shop near the Matahari that there is no bartering in.  The price is the price.  Which is good.  They are good quality “Genuine fakes” lol.  We chose a few and took photos of them to show his mates in Melbourne a few days ago and came back to get the ones they wanted.  I was soo overwhelmed and could have bought 10 of them.  Chris being the generous soul he is, made me pick one and he bought it for me.. along with a gorgeous necklace.. I am such a lucky girl, was totally unexpected.  Thats him though, always trying to put a smile on my face.

See all the watches in the back ground, Watch Bagus was the shop I think!
Relaxing after a long day shopping, thats the pretty necklace I got 🙂

We walked to the Discovery Mall too, soo many shops to see and look in, while on this trip.  I am grateful Chris loves to shop, it made the whole thing more romantic, as every thing we did was enjoyable together


On the beach outside the Discovery Mall.

We also hijacked a few resorts.  What I actually mean by that is each day we would find a new one to go and have lunch in. Was a good way to check out the good ones. Today we went to one that had the best pool by far, it was called the Bali Dynasty Resort in Kuta was a great one for families with kids, their kids club looked awesome too!  Think I will have to look that one up for when we bring the kids here next.


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