Bali July 2016 – Kuta Beach Club

My partner Chris and I decided to take a week break away, just the two of us.  We both love to travel and also needed to escape the freezing cold Melbourne weather.

Laughing as we couldn’t see through the glare, hence the squinty eyes.

Chris got us cheap flights through work and also found a very reasonably priced hotel to stay at.  The theme for this trip was to relax.  Last time we visited here, we did lots of day trips and travelled a lot, this time we just wanted to chill at the pool or beach, just unwind and relax.  We both needed a holiday and it was a chance to reconnect our relationship.  Which I can honestly say we definitely did on this holiday.  The hotel was very reasonably priced and the room we were in was very comfortable with a huge bathroom.  It also had an awesome pool with a swim up bar.  Where ever I stay, the pool has to be awesome, it is a pre-requisite.. that and a safe in the


This hotel did not disappoint when we were around the pool.  The swim up bar was awesome, the staff were extremely accommodating and I even taught them how to make a “Harvey Wallbanger” not quite like here though as they use orange syrup not orange juice, but still yummy.  I ordered a Fancy Pina Colada Drink, they used a real coconut and it took a full 30 minutes to make.  I started to feel a little guilty as there was so much effort in making it for me.  Heres the result!

Yummy Pina Colada

Their pool food menu was also of high quality, the only disappointing thing, was that they kept running out of ingredients… like for two days they didn’t have any avocado.  The restaurant was a little disappointing too, they were always running out of things and couldn’t make some things on the menu.  The breakfast was always ok though and they had lots of Gluten free options for me which made each day start fabulously. So we went out for lunch and dinner and only ate breakfast at the hotel.  If they fixed that problem, I would have to say that the hotel was perfect.

Chris and I are very social people, so in no time we were chatting to fellow pool dwellers.  We met a lovely couple Trish and Ken.  They are from Sydney and were lovely to hang out with.  Ken amused us with his “Morton” jokes.  They invited us to visit them at some stage when they get back to Australia.  They are in Bali for more than a month, they will travel to lots of places and stay wherever they land.. I would love to do that one day.

Ken and Trish Wilson, lovely friends we met at the Beach Club Hotel

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