Releasing a Baby Turtle

We were Strolling down Kuta Beach today and stumbled upon a Large group of people around the Turtle Conservation Society area. We asked what was going on and we were informed that everyone was taking part in a Turtle Release. There is no way I would miss out on an Opportunity like that, so we waited in the heat with all the other anxious people.  In typical Mel and Chris Style, we were enterained by the people around us and also kept the people around us entertained with our comedy.


Once we were allowed to have our turtle, we made our way to the beach to release him into the wild.


We waited for what seemed like an eternity. The guy organising the event was very animated and theatrical and seemed to enjoy dragging the whole process out.  The poor little turtle was getting very impatient and was desperately trying to wriggle his way out of the plastic container I was holding him in.

Lined up on the rope waiting to release our little guys into the wild.

After a few False Starts.. lol, we were finally allowed to let the Baby Turtle out of his confinement and he scrambled his way down the beach to the waters edge.  He didn’t hesitate and promptly entered the water and worked out how to swim, stuck his head up a few times and swam away with his hundreds of other little mates.  Apparently the survival rate is pretty low.. I was not focusing on that, rather that we had allowed our little turtles to enter their natural habit and be part of the life cycle.



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