Shenanigans in Melbourne

Today Cooper had a concert in Melbourne to see one of his favourite Bands “Pierce the Veil”  He is pretty lucky considering he is only 14.  His Mates Kai and Alayna were  also attending so Kai’s mum Rowena and also a friend of mine and myself decided that we would catch the train into Melbourne from Sunbury, take the kids to wait in line for the concert, which is for a few hours then go and do some Mum stuff while they are in the concert.


Cooper suggested that we walk through Hosier Lane (a famous Graffiti Lane Way near Flinders Street Station) on our way to where the concert was being held.  I had always wanted to see it and was impressed by the Graffiti.  I couldn’t believe how thick the paint was.. years and years of new paintings going over the previous one. Looking at the pictures seems us mums were definitely living it up and having way more fun than the kids.

We got the kids in their line and proceeded to hunt down a good coffee and some food for the kids.  Typical though, there are hundreds of quality cafes in Melbourne and they want Macca’s (McDonalds).

Anyway the kids ate and us Mum’s gas bagged while the kids stood their quietly barely moving a facial muscle with us.. Those of you with 14 year old who are into Emo music will know our children pride themselves on their sullenness lol.  I was most impressed at Alayna’s ability to solve the Rubik’s cube several times, I even had a go at mixing it all up.

Eating their Brekkie while waiting in the Line!

We herded them into the concert and found an Asian Eatery for lunch.  During lunch another one of my girlfriends met up with us and we walked around Melbourne central looking at clothes shops etc.  We sat and had a coffee and Sweet treat at a Funky cafe called Urban Fox.. omg the best Gluten Free biscuits I have ever tasted!

We then managed to find our way to a Roof Top Bar called the Emerald Peacock , not sure how we managed to sniff out that treasure, but we had a couple of spicy cocktails and were rudely shaken out of our relaxing girls afternoon.

Our drinks were finished, it was about 5.00pm, so we met the kids out on the street, we made our way back to Melbourne Central Station.  To take the train back to Sunbury again.  The kids couldn’t hear a thing due to the volume the music was played at during the concert, which definitely brought back memories from when I was young 🙂


It was good to see that I am not the only Mum that likes to embarress my kids in public.. Go Row!



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