Naughty Boy Cafe

Today I took Cooper to a School to see if he would like to attend there next year for his Year 10.  The School is in Preston and is very focused on Music, The Arts and Trades.  We popped into the school on the weekend as they had a fundraising Event on and it also showcased the school.  We were very impressed with what the school has to offer. Cooper has not enjoyed main stream school and is not really wanting to continue his schooling.

Showing him some options has excited him about school again.  He was shocked that he could do so much art and music and still be at school.  We met with the Principal today to discuss what we would have to do about an enrolment.  He has an audition on the 4th of October and says he isn’t sure what songs he will play on his guitar.. He is pretty nervous.


I took us to a Cafe after our appointment for Lunch.  Naughty boy Cafe in Lygon St, Carlton.  Its a Hip Cafe offering an assortment of my favourite foods.  We started with some delicious decadent smoothies.. Oh My, very special.


And I went with the Eve’s Garden Salad.. Also delicious.


We will definitely be back here again to try some of the other dishes on offer!


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