Kombucha – Making my own

I came across Kombucha a few years ago and turned my nose up at it.  It seemed like a weird alcoholic potion to me.  Then I had major bowel issues resulting in a Colostomy bag for a lot of 2015.  I spent hours doing research on ways to heal myself and deal with my bowel issues naturally.  I have to give huge credit to my girlfriend Carla.  She introduced me to the idea of making my own Kombucha mid last year.  I was needing to improve my digestive system.  I also love that it has Caffeine in it lol

My brew of Kombucha that I am currently bottling, see the Scoby floating at the top?

Kombucha is actually a Prebiotic.  I had been pumping my body with Probiotics, which is in products such as “Yakult” and in tablet form to improve my gut health.  Which had been ruined due to being on antibiotics for an extended period of time and very strong pain killers.  What is the difference between the two?  I can hear you asking this question as I was asking the same thing.  So here is an explanation for you.

Simplistically, a prebiotic promotes the rapid growth of beneficial bacteria while probiotics contain live beneficial bacteria that help to recolonize your intenstinal flora.   Both prebiotics and probiotics work in harmony with one another.   A diet deficient in either prebiotics or probiotics may severely impact health and immune function in particular.

Unlike probiotics, which are live organisms, prebiotics are components of food that are not otherwise easily digested by humans and these food components essentially feed beneficial bacteria in your gut.   A Carbohydrate “Oligosaccharides” such as oligofructose and inulin are only partially digested by humans and the remaining components of these carbohydrate molecules feed beneficial bacteria.

So for me it has improved my Gut health by restoring the “Good Bacteria” in my body, I have personally noticed an improvement to my gut and bowel. They say that is aids in Detox as it contains a variety of organic acids that bind with toxins to help the digestive system for easy removal of them from the liver and digestive tract.  I believe it has done this for me.

The one thing people tend to be Grossed out about in the Kombucha making process is that you need a Scoby (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria) You need this to create your brew and it also creates one. Honestly, it is a little weird looking, its a flat, pale, floating mushroom, snot looking thing, but it is also an amazing thing.  I actually grew my own!  It took a bit longer to get my first batch going, but was very satifying!

Looking into my Kombucha Brew at the Floating Scoby

Anyway enough of the Facts here is how to make it:

It is actually a pretty straightforward process.  Once you get the hang of it.

Kombucha Recipe

1 Litre boiling water

3 Green Tea Bags

1/3 cup Sugar

1 Scoby

1-2 cups started kombucha

(I actually make 9 Litres at a time, I use the above ingredients x9, but only need one scoby!)

  1. Brew your tea (I use Green Tea in a large pot of water I have boiled on the stove)
  2. Add your Sugar
  3. Drop in your Scoby (Place it in the brew with clean hands!)
  4. Add Starter Kombucha (or reserve from previous brew)
  5. Cover with a Clean Breathable Cloth
  6. Let it ferment for 7-12 days at about 21 degrees out direct sun
  7. Remove Scoby
  8. Bottle
  9. Add Flavouring
  10. Repeat the Process

I actually make about 9 Litres at a time, I bottle and flavour mine with flavoured Teas, I will do a post on that another time.  Oh and FYI Due to fermentation process there will be trace amounts of alcohol.  It is important to keep the brew cold once bottled to prevent further fermentation from occurring, as the could could the alcohol level to rise.  I only drink a cup a day, so I am not concerned with it.


Please feel free to ask any questions, I would love to help you get your first brew started!

Also, please follow my blog so you can keep up with other stories I have 🙂


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