Bali Freedom Preneur Mastermind 2016

I was fortunate enough to secure a last minute place in the Freedom Preneur Matermind Event held this October 14th-19th in the Karma Kandra Private Beach Resort, Illuwatu, Bali.

Click for more info! ⬅a link for the freedom ppreneu academy.. so you can check it out yourself.
I have to thank my family for being so supportive and letting me go as a 40th Birthday present. I also have to give huge Thanks to my boyfriend who organised my flights and let me travel overseas on my own.. to pursue my dreams.. he is definitely a keeper! Thanks hun.

From Left: Vladka Kadlec, Roos Melchers, Samantha Essenhigh-Nicholson, Rhonda Swan, Tom Moester, Wayne McMurtrie, Me, Liliana Aguirre, Kim Barrett. Centre: Hanalei Swan and Front: Brian Swan

What an incredible event Hosted by “The Unstoppable Family” consisting of Rhonda, Brian and Hanalei Swan. Special Mention to the best PA I have ever met, Victoria Murphy. She was the “go-to” for every problem or question big or small that any of us had, she was always wearing her contagious smile, as pictured below.

Rhonda Swan (Left) and Victoria Murphy (Right)

I was blessed to be in such great company too.  I got to attend this event with other like minded people.  Wayne McMurtie, Starwynn, Cathryn Wright, Vladka Kadlec, Samantha Essenhigh-Nicholson, Tom Moester and Roos Melchers were the other attendees.  I am grateful to share this awesome event with these guys and can happily now call them my friends.

From Left: Me, Starwynn, Catheryn Wright and Samantha Essenhigh-Nicholson

During our time at the event we learnt so much about:

  • Mindset
  • Branding
  • Funnel Building
  • Email Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Digital Assests

We had some great speakers to present huge volumes of information on these topics and offered strategies and techniques for us to implement into our own businesses.  Firstly Brian and Rhonda Swan are a wealth of information and are so focused on helping us design and grow a successful online business. I would like to Thank Phil Wilson and Martin Ebongue who joined us as presenters, they are experts in their fields, they explained Instagram and Email Marketing.  I most enjoyed the workshop with Kim Barrett, from “Your Social Voice” who explained all about FB Marketing etc, OMG that man knows his stuff.  Not only that, he is a super nice guy too. His partner Lily also attended and is a beautiful woman, I am looking forward to getting to know her more!

We were also  spoiled with other treats.  We went out to the Ulluwatu Temple and watched a Fire Dance, we had dinner on the beach at Jimbaran Bay.  We had performances from local traditional musicians and dancers, a Sound healing session which was a very spiritual experience, a bonfire by the beach, professional photos and professional videos to name a few.  I have to extend my thanks to Mirza and his film crew, Dan the Film maker man who was very patient with my 100 takes to do my and the Hairdresser who had to redo my hair when it all dropped out of style.. hehe

I am truly grateful to have participated in such an amazing event. This has totally changed my life and I am now armed with enough information to make money on line and leverage the digital economy. Watch out world!

Chillaxing on the Private Beach at the Resort with a delicious Red Wine!
Click for more Info
Please click this link if you would like some info from the academy.

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