Party Plan – How to Utilise December to Kick Start 2017


In the Party Plan/Direct selling Business, well to be honest any home based business, You have to keep your Game on Every Month!

Whoever you work for, and I am talking any Party Plan/Direct Selling Company, you could be in Plastic containers, Linen, Makeup, Health Products, Weight loss, Skin Care, Lifestyle products, Clothes Companies Etc.  Every Party Plan/Direct Selling company plans their Marketing for the year in advance.  If you want to get somewhere in this industry, you need to be motivated.  If you struggle on your own, to motivate yourself, it is really important that you make your weekly call to your up line manager. It is important that you are attending all company events, the Monthly meetings etc so you can keep up your enthusiasm.   The promotions your company produces are to help you, to give you a tools, to promote their products and also to promote yourself.

It gets to this time of year and it is so easy to think once December is done, you can chill with the kids and enjoy the holidays.  Well you can and you can’t.  To have time off.  You have to prepare for it.  That also means prepare for after it.  This is YOUR Business after all.  You need to make sure that at all times, you are running it and controlling it.  I always blocked out some time to have a holiday, EVERY YEAR! To get your business kick started for the year though, YOU HAVE TO WORK IN JANUARY.. Here’s Why.

If you have the whole of January off, you can find the parties you booked from your  December parties into February don’t always hold.  In my experience, very often the Host lost interest and cancelled her party.  I also found that when you start doing parties in February, your kit/stock might not be as up to date due to the sale in January selling out the old stuff and you haven’t made any money to justify updating your kit, it puts you on the back foot and can greatly decrease your motivation.  If you don’t have many parties in February and you decide at the start of February that you need to fill up your calendar, most Hosts wont book “next week”, as their mindset is that they need a few weeks to get people to their Home and you will find your business isn’t really back in full swing until March/April.  As a Manager, I found that if consultants in my team didn’t hold any parties in January, they were more likely to leave the business come March/April as they were disheartened with not having made any money yet into that year.

So before I closed my office door in December, which was always around the 19th or 20th, I already had my January parties booked in and I trained my team to do the same thing.  I would have about 15 parties in my January Diary.  It sounds like a lot, however I wanted to allow for cancellations and I had to cater for the Hosts that had a party every January, to take advantage of the January Sale.  I would have from the 20th Dec until about the 12th of January off.  It was extremely relaxing.  I had all my host packs out and the first weeks parties, the Host was already coached.  I would call them the week before their party, to double-check everything was on track. So that was the only thing I had to do while still on holidays, but worth it to ensure my Host had a minimum of 10 guests and I would go over the Promotion and encourage her to get any guests who couldn’t make it to book a party etc.


Doing this meant, firstly I could pay for the shopping I had just done for my kids in the Boxing Day sales on my Credit card.. lol and secondly my year started Strongly and my business was in full swing early in the year.

I have included a planner for January 2017.  The best way to make the most of the month is to plan t.  Block out your holiday time, block any times you aren’t available.  Then use some funky stickers to plan where you want to book in your parties.  Now at the rest of your December parties, tell them about your January Sale and book people in!  Tell them how successful last January is and what the Average Host can get for free etc.  Call last January’s “Good Hosts” and book them in too!  REMEMBER to Over Book, so that you are holding the amount you want to do.  I would even do two parties on a Saturday and a Sunday if I was struggling to fit them all in.  I would do an 11.00am party and a 4pm Party, or a 1pm Party and a 6pm party.  If you have to give a party away to a fellow consultant because you have over booked, then do it!  It is better to have too many parties, than not enough!!

January 2017 Planner Page

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