Dear Mel


You are enough, worth your weight in gold.  You aren’t crazy, Even though that’s what you have been told.

You have suppressed in your life a lot, So now let it all go.  One day someone will love all of you, believe me I know.

You doubted your worth, and went deep in the Darkness of Hell.  You have blossomed now, Seen your beauty and come out of your Shell.

You have fallen down many times, yet, Up you continue to get.  You have been told you are a train wreck, of what magnitude you haven’t seen yet.

You have been let down, yelled at, insulted and put down.  Yet you hold your head high, not let yourself in your emotions, drown.

You’ve been accused of being selfish, yet others say you’re giving.  You’ve been scorned at for having depression, like you enjoy that way of living.

You found the Four agreements, and work on it everyday.  You know you’re not a master, don’t beat yourself up, when you have a bad day.

You tried to please the last one, him you will always LOVE, he blames you cos it didn’t work out.  Says you have major problems, you’re depression is to blame and it really made you doubt.

A relationship is like a Tango, it should be a really beautiful Dance.  It shouldn’t be torture on your Heart, like its poked by the devil’s Lance.

One day dear Girl, someone will love you for YOU..  For now though and 2017, you will embrace yourself and just do what you DO!

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