Mirror Mirror on the wall

I dreaded turning 40, but I had dreaded that milestone number approaching from after my 35th birthday. In the interim, I’d adopted the motto: “I’m turning “Thirty Ten”, not 40”. As it drew closer, my mindset took a sharp turn, and I decided to embrace me turning 40 years young, mind, body and spirit. The truth is (this will be another story on how I cheated death) I’d been lucky to reach it. 

I don’t want to look 40 though.

I get told regularly that I look good for my age. A young girl recently told me “… You look so pretty for 40!” Bless her heart! LOL! Here’s the thing though: I work at it. I look after my skin, try my hardest to eat well, I exercise (probably not as much as I should), I look after my teeth, and I keep my hair in a youngish style.

When you look at famous women in the public eye, a similar theme emerges. Most are extremely thin and have a flawless complexion. A great majority have regular minor botox enhancements, while others have the financial resources to afford major plastic surgery. Expensive designer clothes are a given, and hair is immaculately styled.

A very close girlfriend, is also like me trying our hardest to maintain our youthful appearance. Late last month, we stole a page out of the book Sleeping Beauty whilst looking into a mirror after having both received a “Pellevue” collagen facial: “Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who here looks the youngest of them all?” LOL! We dissolved into fits of laughter afterwards. It’s now an inside joke between us.

When I look into the mirror and am having a day where I am not liking what I see, or I have puffy eyes from a night of no sleep, that little saying always makes me laugh, bringing me to the realization that, I AM Beautiful and Look Awesome for my 40 years!

Now, the challenge is to stay looking this way for turning 50. So how can the average woman, with limited funds stay looking youthful?
Here are my top tips!

1• Maintain your weight. It amazes me how easy it is for woman my age to gain weight. I use the fact that I have had major health problems as the cause for not being my ideal weight, however, it is harder to maintain the older you get. Our metabolism slows down and anything we eat goes straight to our hips or stomach LOL!.

2• Skin care. Skin is one of the first telltale signs of age. I have always used a skin care regime, to look after my skin. Dehydrated skin looks older than hydrated skin. Drinking water and keeping skin with sunscreen on it during the day helps stop it ageing so quickly. I’m not against botox either, it can do wonders for concealing wrinkles on your face but there is a limit. I am not interested in frozen looking faces though, I think woman who overdo the plastic surgery, botox and fillers end up looking worse than just ageing gracefully.

3• Hair. Have your hair re-styled. A modern style and a fresh colour can do wonders for making you look younger.

4• Dental Care. Get your Teeth whitened. I was surprised at how much fresher my appearance was with whiter teeth.

5• Clothing. Periodically refresh your wardrobe. Take chances! Be daring! Incorporate a piece or accessory that you normally wouldn’t have tried before. Consider dressing younger, but by younger I don’t mean dressing like your 15 year old daughter, just in a modern style.

6• Love Yourself. Right Here. Right Now. As older women, we need to embrace how we look. Once you can accept how you look and love the person you have blossomed into, you worry less which in turn keeps you looking younger.

7• Rest and Relaxation. Stress and lack of sleep contribute greatly to making us look older! Find ways to ease stress like yoga, meditation, or exercise. Proper amounts of sleep also keep the bags under the eyes away.

I would love some feedback here, what are some things you do regularly to keep yourself looking or feeling young?

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