Full moon


Does the Full moon actually drive people crazy?  I believe it does, however, maybe it is just the stuff of myth and legend and nothing extraordinary really ever occurs during the Full moon.

When one behaves in a crazed manner, they are sometimes labelled a raving “lunatic”, or one might say they are suffering from lunacy.  The term actually comes from the Latin word lunaticus (“moon-struck”), luna, meaning moon, (from the belief that changes of the moon cause intermittent insanity).

Whether one believes the Moon effects people or shrugs it off as myth.  It has been a subject of much debate for centuries.  Some believe it to be a Superstition, nothing more than an “Old Wives Tale” much like a black cat walking in your path, walking under a ladder, or breaking a mirror.  I can honestly tell you I feel effected by it.  I’ve even nicknamed named myself the “Moon Goddess” because of it.  Even though my behaviour is sometimes far from Goddess-like LOL.

How does a Goddess even behave?  Well… She embraces the power of the Devine feminine.  She cares for herself by pampering her body, and eating healthy.  She Meditates, and is in tune with Her Feelings, Her Emotions.  She connects with Mother nature.  She is a Leader not a follower.  She has Everybody’s Best Interests at Heart.  A true Goddess has  Presence and Charisma.

So, when I am not behaving like a Goddess, I find myself being unreasonable, irrational, argumentative, and Not in Touch with Myself or my Emotions.  It is interesting to note on more occasions than I can count on my fingers, there have been times where I have had huge fights with others.  Times where I have been Totally out of Touch. Those darker, albeit short-lived experiences have almost always corresponded to a day/night of a full moon.  NO JOKE!  There are a few key people, including my children who will attest to this fact.. LOL.

I have found our pets have acted differently during a full moon as well.  My Black cat (no I am not a witch LOL!) Obsidian, has been known to race up and down the hallway and prance around the house with her hackles up (the hairs on the back of her neck and back standing up on end and walking almost as if on her tiptoes in a stiff unusual manner).


There is much scientific research on the subject, but to the frustration of many, most conclude that there is no hard evidence to support the “Lunar lunacy effect”.  So if the “Lunar lunacy effect” is merely an astronomical and psychological urban legend, why is it so widespread?  There are several probable reasons. Media coverage and the entertainment industry almost surely plays a role. Scores of Hollywood horror movies portray full-moon nights as peak times of spooky occurrences such as stabbings, shootings and psychotic behaviours.

Whether the Moon actually induces erratic behaviours, psychiatric hospital admissions, suicides, traffic accidents, physical fights, dog bites, homicides or any other unusual or strange events.  The mystical powers of the full moon will always be a scape-goat by some…

As for Me, I am a true believer that my moods are indeed influenced by the beautiful, majestic glowing orb in the sky!

What about you?  What are your thoughts on the correlation of the full moon inducing bizarre behaviours in people?  Are you also one to be effected?



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