Change of Scenery – Warrnambool

After spending time after Christmas and the first few weeks of the New Year bedridden with a severe bout of Diverticulitis, I grew a bit restless.  I had an extreme case of CABIN FEVER.

Being the busy soul that I am, being in bed for such an extended period resulted in me having an insatiable sense of wanderlust for some open space and fresh air.  I didn’t want a huge adventure, nor to exert large amounts of energy, I just craved pretty scenery and some time away, previously undiscovered.

I made a resolution for myself to go somewhere I have never been at least twice a year now; to have new experiences, see the world and see more of my own Country – Australia.

When I woke up and felt that my abdomen was less swollen and I had gone two days without pain killers and needing heat pack I knew it was time for a road trip.  I asked my son where he felt like going, and as usual, his response was, “I don’t mind mum, where ever you feel like!”.. I thought about some places that I had always wanted to visit,  Warrnambool was the first place that came to mind.

Warrnambool is on the coast of Victoria (bottom left)

After securing some really affordable accommodation online, we left the next day.  The drive estimated to be about three hours.  I really enjoy spending quality time with my kids and being in an enclosed space with my son meant that he HAD to chat to me.  We enjoyed all the new scenery on the drive there and made note of the spots we would stop at on the way home to take photos.  Coop (my son) has taken a strong liking to photography, which I am encouraging by driving him places to take pictures regularly.  We are both learning how to use the new fan-dangled camera I purchased late last year.  I am finding it’s a nice thing/hobby to bond over.

The drive wore me out, so once we were there and unpacked the car, we went and found a pub, to get a nice meal.  The meal at the quant Pub at the Whalers Hotel in Liebig Street was in a word – exceptional.  There were lots of family’s there and it was comforting to sit in amongst friendly conversations and the buzz of the place.  I highly recommend it for their friendly service and delicious, value for your money meals!

When we got back to the accommodation I was quite keen to finish off my article for the day only to realise that the phone charger I had brought with me was broken, and as a result I wouldn’t be able to charge my phone to complete it.  I was too exhausted to buy another, so I figured the Universe was forcing me to unplug from technology.  That evening, I did just that, until late into the next morning.  I had a refreshing sleep and we ventured out late morning to explore the beach and pier of Warrnambool.  Visibility was very low, due to a thick sea mist.

Here are some pics:

I loved meeting the two majestic Sea Lions waiting under the pier for the fisherman to toss them fish scraps after cleaning the days catch.  They lounged in the shallows, floating and rolling around in the water without a care in the world; which is exactly how I felt exploring Warrnambool.  My spirit felt free and I had no worries – just a desire to enjoy and explore.

The next day, we went to the beach. The weather was divine. We walked the full length of the shoreline, getting our feet wet, and picking up seashells along the way. All day, we basked in the warmth of the sun. We replenished ourselves at the The Surf Club restaurant up just off the beach; they offered a lovely array of dishes, and some thirst quenching drinks on their menu. My plan to get away and recharge my soul felt complete this day. I don’t feel I needed anything more or less than what I was doing in the moment. The relationship with my son couldn’t be better. We were enjoying each other’s company, sharing about all the things we were grateful for and loving whilst we were away from home.

Feeling deficient as a person is one the most painful of human experiences. It’s an emotional internal bleeding that one wants so desperately to find a coagulant for. I’ve experienced it before. Last year though, I began to disentangle myself from this self-defeating mindset. I’m happy to say that thus far, I’ve made significant gains in this area… I haven’t felt this way for a while… Being away from my usual setting in the quaint beachside town, sitting on the shore, basking in the warmth of the sun, I had a moment of clarity – a vision of myself, and I became aware that I felt so opposite, and that is why I felt complete.


One last thing, whilst driving back from the beach, we found this statue of an Angel on a roundabout in the middle of the road.  Cooper and I were both horrified at what she seems to be holding.  Maybe it is just my imagination, but we laughed about the “Dirty Angel” for a few hours.  I would love your comments on what you think this looks like to you.. LOL

Dirty Angel, holding ?

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