Practical Magic


My daughter and I used to sit and watch the movie “Practical Magic” nearly once a month.  We loved immersing ourselves in the whimsy of witchcraft and the romantic comedy storyline.

The main characters Sally and Gillian Owens are played by actresses Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman.  The movie is actually a little scary for Children and probably a little childish for adults, but we love sitting and watching it together.  Today i went hunting for the DVD, as I was needing a little comfort, I was in bed again, exhausted, not feeling very well.  The movie was now where to be found.  My darling daughter was out, I am convinced she has it somewhere.  As I was under the weather and a little dizzy from tiredness, I gave up.  I guarantee I will find it tomorrow, when my head is clearer.

Anyway, my favourite scene is where the sisters wake up one night and the aunts (who are witches) are making “Midnight Margaritas”.  The song that they dance around the table to is “Lime and the Coconut” I have attached the link below so you can go have a look and see what I am talking about if you haven’t seen it for yourself.


Click here to watch “Midnight Margerita’s” scene

I love the relationship of the fraternal “Owen’s Twins” Sally and Gillian.  They were orphaned at a young age and went to live with their Aunts.  They were extremely close as young girls and even in adulthood.  They have an unconditional love for each other and would do anything for the other.  I know it is only a movie, however I crave that sisterly connection.  I have been estranged from my sisters for years now.  The relationship was strained after our Mother passed away as they disagreed with the executor duties I had to execute as part of fulfilling mum’s wishes in her will.  I will always love them, and still hope one day that they will agree to disagree, put our differences aside and involve me in their lives again.


The final straw with not seeing them anymore was making a decision to support my partner I was living with.  I was invited to my youngest Sister’s wedding in Northern NSW and she didn’t like my partner, who I had been in a relationship with for about three years and was living with at the time.  He wasn’t invited and rather than cause a scene at the wedding and cause problems in my relationship with him.  I decided not to attend the wedding as a show of love and support to him.  I made the decision just a week before the wedding, as I had been tormenting myself in the decision making process for a few months.  I really let her down, I know she had already included me in the numbers and paid for the wedding already. It REALLY was such a hard decision to make.

The decision I made, destroyed my relationship with my sisters.  The youngest has never forgiven me and the other one without even talking to me cut me out of her life in support of the youngest.  My partner never showed any gratitude for this action, all he ever said was that I was better off without them in my life as they treated me like shit anyway.  Regardless of how he perceived the relationship, I chose HIM over them.  I wonder sometimes, whether I made the biggest mistake of my life.  That I should have gone with blood, being that she is my sister.  Interesting fact now is that I am not even with that guy anymore.  I made that sacrifice and now I have none of them!

I have made peace with that decision.  I don’t beat myself up about it anymore, like I used it.  It is, what it is.  I am, where I am.  Today, lost in memories of my sister’s, I could smile.  I had thoughts of when we were children and I remembered in great detail some shenanigans and things we did when we were younger.  I was remembering my bedroom in our family home.  I was reminiscing about the safe feeling of being tucked into my childhood bed.  I was remembering  my sisters as being little girls, I giggled when I remembered the lisp the youngest had when she was four.  I shed a couple of tears thinking of their chubby cheeks and golden blonde hair.  I wasn’t sad, just lost in nostalgia and happy thoughts.

5 thoughts on “Practical Magic

  1. Ooooo I remember your childhood room and the playroom down the back end of the house where your mum would sometimes exercise… Was it to Jane Fonda or Olivia Newton John?🤔. Your youngest sister always reminded me of Cindy from the Brady Bunch with Thad adorable lisp of hers 💕

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