Pretending I am in the Titanic Movie
The Beauty of living in Australia is that it is known as a “Free Country”.  Here we have the right to our own opinions.  We can believe in whichever Religion (or not) choose to.  We have the right to freedom of speech.
I pride myself in the person that I have become.  I have no real formal religious affiliation, but I do try to follow the Four Agreements, which can be challenging at times, especially when in a confrontation with someone who is being nasty and not being impeccable with their word.
The Four Agreements are as follows:
1. Be impeccable with your word
2. Don’t take things personally
3. Don’t make assumptions
4. Always do your best.
I believe we can be friends with whomever we please.  I cannot force myself or others on another, nor would I allow others to do the same to me.  With me, what you see is what you get.  In Australia we are free to travel anywhere (well, that is open to the public anyway) no one can tell us otherwise.  I can look at whatever websites I want to, as anyone else has the same right, but I don’t look at smut or websites that either degrade others or paint others in a negative way.  However, it is amusing and ironic that the very blog you are reading, is also read by anonymous individuals who won’t follow it.  They remain cloaked in anonymity because they don’t want me, or anyone else to know they are reading it.  Some might say it could be looked upon as “Stalker-ish”, however this blog is public and I invite anyone to read it.  I hope to connect with others, inspire others and communicate my feelings in a compassionate manner.  So I don’t think about visitors to my page as Stalkers.
Recently, I’ve been the unfortunate target on an individual’s Social Media as presenting myself as someone other than who I am, and what I pride myself in being.  It upset me a little at first, however, I didn’t take it personally (lessons from the Four Agreements).  After some reflection, I realise that this individual is dealing with their own issues, and perhaps it makes them feel better about themselves to have others dislike me, and support them in their slander.  What others say about me, is NOT my concern.  It doesn’t hurt me anymore.  The very act of making inflammatory comments about others on social media results in that same person seeming jaded and immature.  Incendiary comments such as the ones directed at my character shouldn’t be posted by teenagers as they are inappropriate, let alone being posted by middle-aged people (with their own children, might I add).  There’s really no need to reveal their identity, or say anything more on the matter as I have maturity, integrity and I pride myself on having an honest voice and being authentic with people.  One CAN (and should) come to their own conclusions about my (or anybody else’s) character.  The silver lining is that in the aftermath of having numerous slanderous posts hurled in my direction, I’ve had a few friend requests which I accepted…LOL.  Clearly people want to see and judge for themselves what I am like in their own eyes.
One will make their own judgements about others regardless of what my thoughts are, same goes for your thought on me.  People will make up their own minds, one way or another, and their decision will not have anything to do with me, rather, it will be all their OWN thoughts, belief systems, and lived experiences…  And that’s ok! I won’t be offended.  Conversely, if decisions are based on the slander of others, again, that is their deal too.  If one has made a decision about my character without knowing me or even getting to know me, then again, that is ok too.  I won’t be offended, or even care.Their opinions are none of my business.  It’s their decision.  As for me,  I will never bag others out on Social media.  I will endeavour to speak about others and MYSELF with the utmost Kindness and Compassion.  If I can’t, I will not say anything at all.  Even this very post is not about bagging that particular individual.  I am merely pointing out what they did, that is their choice, they publicly show what their values are, it has nothing to do with me.
One more thing I want you to think about… before you react to anything in life, ask yourself this, “Am I basing my reaction on my truth? or, am I basing it on Fear?”  Fear is such a powerful emotion and most reactions are induced by it, what I mean is you might not stand in your truth for fear of being humiliated or in conflict with someone.  Or not stand in your truth for fear of being ostracised in a social group or workplace, or fear of being laughed at or not agreed with.  If you are standing in your truth, whatever that looks like to you, there are no mistakes.  Only experiences.  It is important to know your truth (what you truly believe in).
Part of my truth is to respect myself and others, so if I was to slander and gossip about others, that isn’t standing in my truth.  Before you are reacting or judging something or someone or yourself, take a deep breath and know that as long as you are entering from an honest place, all you have to do is trust two things, THIS experience and YOUR Story.

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