Lost in Fabric

It was a rainy day here in Melbourne.  Nothing like the beautiful 30 degree sunny day we had yesterday. (Thats 86 degrees faranheit for all my American readers!)

I took a day off packing up my house to do some sewing. I pulled out a gorgeous quilt I had cut out for my daughter a few months ago.  

Thats all I had completed. I still have to make 3 more squares like that one and join them all. It will end up looking like a big snowflake.

Here is the second square coming together. It will be like the following picture. Obviously in the more earthy colours that my daughter has chosen.

Sewing enables me to lose myself for a while. I can concentrate on making my sewing straight, following the pattern and getting everything correct.

I also use my Creative time to reflect on things that are going on in my life.  I have had so much stress, anxiety and upset lately.  The crap going on at work, relationship issues and moving house.  Honestly I feel things have started to settle down.

Although I had loads of things swilling around in my head.  Whilst I can seem calm and serene on the outside, there can be a hurricane of emotions swirling around, today the thoughts weren’t racing like they do some days.  

However my thoughts were all over the place, I had someone on my mind and I am convinced in this situation, that is because they are thinking of me too.  We have energy connections with people and they can be extremely strong bonds. When you have spent a lot of time with someone you connect with them energetically and create energetic cords with them.  I won’t know if this is the case today though as I am not longer in contact with this person.  However it gave me a few hours comfort remembering loads of special times we shared and imagining they were thinking of me too.  

I worked on the quilt for a good four hours.  The enjoyment I get from watching something I am creating come to life or start looking like it should is such a satisfying feeling.  I am halfway through now, which is an awesome achievement.. my thoughts weren’t ordered in the same fashion though, definitely no precision there, unlike my sewing.. LOL

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