Day 25.. oops missed one! I’m a Heathen


I just realised that I didn’t complete a post on the 25th January, to actually say I completed this challenge to myself, I have to have one for every day!  I had a song stuck in my head yesterday and it inspired this article.

The most common song stuck in my head in 2016.  I inserted the 21 Pilots song Heathens above, as more times than I can remember last year, that song was in my head and I would be singing it or at least humming the tune, sorry family.. LOL

Suicide squad wasn’t the best movie I have seen, I think the reason is that I’m not familiar with the history of all the characters (I’m not a fan of reading comic books) so some of it didn’t make sense to me.  It wasn’t a movie I thought Will Smith would put his name too.  There was a lot of action, I did enjoy it, I was just expecting more to be honest.  However, I thoroughly enjoyed the role Margot Robbie played as “Harley Quinn” and the Soundtrack is now in my music collection.  The song Heathens, featured in it.


She does look rather cute in this pic and I was definitely jealous of how she pulled off that outfit.  She has inspired me to tone my body up this year.  Thanks Margot

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